ApacheCon: Day 2

Today was probably the most relaxed convention day I've ever had. I got up, had breakfast, commandeered a table, and alternated among the following activities: -Sudoku on the Nintendo DS -Sketches for fans and random passers-by -Pencilling and inking a strip for the buffer -Chatting with people -Relaxing I sold maybe three or four books -- I wasn't counting, and I certainly wasn't pushing them. I think I may have whipped out ten sketchy caricatures, and I KNOW I pencilled and inked a Sunday and a Monday. At 4:00pm Steve Jackson picked me up, and we went over to his new facility (the old one has now been demolished) for some business stuff, and then for playtesting with the Thursday night crowd. There's not much to tell there what with the non-disclosure policy on the game stuff. I played a fun word-game, in which we all got creamed by the guy who writes Steve's marketing copy. Back at the hotel I relaxed some more, ate dinner, sat in the hot tub, wrote this, and (switching to future tense on my mark... three... two... one... MARK) will be going to bed. Goodnight, everybody!