ApacheCon: Wanna buy originals?

Are you going to be at ApacheCon? Would you like the opportunity to buy a Schlock original? Here's the deal: 1) Surf the archives and find the strip you want to buy. 2) Email me sometime today (Tuesday) and tell me which one you want. 3) If it's available, I'll bring it with me and you can buy it from me at the convention. Single-row strips are $40 and Sunday strips (or other multi-row strips) are $80. You will want to have some sort of stiffened, legal-sized envelope. The originals are on 8.5"x14" copy paper. I meant to do this last week for Another Anime Con, and I forgot. Whoops! In other news, Pre-orders for The Blackness Between will open in just one short week. Details are here. Oh, and if you're planning to be in Utah in November, we're having the book fulfillment work party on November 16th and 17th at The Dragon's Keep, and the release party on the 18th. I'll have Schlock originals for sale there, too. I'll provide more details on that as the date approaches.