April 05, 2004

Spring. Ugh.

As spring blooms all around me here in Utah I remember fondly those days back in January when there was no reason to go outside. Those were the days when the kids were all cooped up indoors playing video games, romping and yelling in too-small spaces, and driving Dad down into the basement where the only thing to do was draw.

Those were the days when the buffer climbed clear up to 46.

These days the buffer is around 19 (as of this writing.) I drew a whopping two strips this weekend. But I also cleaned the garage with Sandra, fertilized the trees, and relaxed in the front room while the children romped and yelled in the back-yard, their voices a pleasant background babble.

Based on recent findings, I think I'd be most productive if I lived in Antarctica.

Not only would the weather keep me indoors, but the dearth of good movie theaters would prevent me from being distracted by excellent new releases like Hellboy, which chewed up my Friday evening with gnashing teeth of violent escapism. I enjoyed the chewing.