April 08, 2002

I had a great weekend.

As many of you know, I'm a card-carrying Mormon. This weekend was the 172nd annual General Conference of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, and that means no local meetings: all meetings are broadcast from the conference center in Salt Lake City. This in turn means that I can go to church in my pajamas, which is one of the very most spiritual things I think I can do. Ah, to dress casually, and listen to "Radio Free Mormonism."

This year I deigned to put clothing on, and went downstairs and listened to the 8kb/sec stream on the computer in my office while drawing Schlock. It was very relaxing, very uplifting, and what with there being four two-hour sessions spread across Saturday and Sunday, it was also very productive. I'm coming out of the weekend feeling relaxed, recharged, and with a solid 21 strips in the ol' buffer.

General Conference can't take all the credit, though. In response to my request for good vibrations, many of you emailed me to let me know you were sending me happy thoughts, and while the emails themselves were encouraging, there seemed to be something bigger than just e-pistles buoying me up. If I were the New-Age, crystal-collecting type, I'd claim this to be hard-and-fast proof of the existence of a collective karma-thingy from 6000 Schlockers world-wide. Or maybe I'd say it was the Force (but then I'd have to admit the existence of mitichlorians, which I'm loathe to do). At any rate, I had a great weekend, and I'm sure many of you had something to do with that.

I thought about giving you something in return, and then realized that I'm giving you a comic strip every day, which thought enabled me to guiltlessly weasel out of coming up with a nice gift. I gifted you first, so don't get greedy or anything.

And with that last comment, I've probably shot the collective Schlocker karma in the head. Ooops. Somebody hand me a shiny bauble (amethyst? kryptonite? carbonan?) and we'll all sing a healing round of Kumbaya.