April 11, 2004


I've been having a hard time keeping up lately. Part of it is that I got addicted to the CSI Season III discs, and Sandra and I watched all twenty-three episodes in a week. This means that in the last week I came up a day short, what with 23 hours or so going AWOL with the TV. Fortunately, CSI is so well-written that I can consider much of that time as "research." Unfortunately, doing 20+ hours of "research" is not recommended when there are pressing matters needing more immediate attention.

Speaking of which... the coloring that you've been seeing for the last few weeks is my own doing, rather than Jean's. Jean is moving, is between ISPs at the moment, and is recovering from some pretty serious Repetitive Motion Injury she picked up coloring Schlock. For the time being you're back to my simple-palette flood-fills. I'm NOT looking for another colorist right now, though.

Penguicon 2.0 is coming right up, and the preparation for that has sucked more than a few cycles. I'm really looking forward to it -- especially since I'll be there with Pete Abrams, John Ringo, Steve Jackson, Fred "Piro" Gallagher, "Maddog," "Cmdr Taco," Wil Wheaton, and (brace yourselves) Neil Gaiman. Best of all, I'm one of the GUESTS, rather than just another loony fanboy. How cool is that?

Not cool enough? Well, Novell is footing my travel bill, since I'll be there not only as the comic genius behind Schlock Mercenary but as Novell's Collaboration Product Line guy. NOW how cool is it? I'll even have two different sets of business cards.

(The fact that I need two sets of business cards is a key indicator of me being a little too busy.)

Anyway, I fly out on Thursday, return Sunday night, and then hop a plane for Boston a day later for corporate-type meetings with my fell masters in Waltham, no doubt to formally report to them on the nefarious schemings of the Linux underground. As of this writing the buffer stands at 21, which means I need to get my game on lest I return from the East Coast debriefed, exhausted, and with only 7 days of strips uploaded.


I did a "career" interview with a BYU student named Simon on Saturday. I'm not sure what I actually said to him, but what I should have said was "Mommas, don't let your boys grow up to be webcartoonists."