April 14, 2004

Betcha Can't Do It

As I prep for Penguicon 2.0, I'm made painfully aware that most of you fair readers will not be there. After all, it's in Novi, Michigan, and you folks are spread out all over the world. Oh, and at last count there are over 10,000 of you Schlockers, and Penguicon has a registration cap of around 1/10th that. So if you're reading this, odds are good that you'll be needing to do something else with your time next week.

I bet you can't do this. Go ahead... click the link and read up. Beginning on Monday, April 19th, it's the 10th annual TV-Turnoff Week. The organizers predict that over seven MILLION people will curtail, cool, or completely call off their television watching during the week.

I'm doing it. I dare you to join me.