April 18, 2001

And now for the moment you've all been waiting for: the solutions to the Easter Egg Hunt (actually, some of you have not been waiting for this moment because you've FOUND the Easter Eggs).

The answers are posted here in the Schlock Mercenary Discussion Board.

Before you head over to the page with all the answers, you might like a couple of additional clues: First, to find the three eggs that are hidden in the white-space of this page, use your tab key and cycle through all of the "clickable" page elements. They'll get outlined for you, and you'll be able to quickly find everything on the page that can be clicked, and hence the right spots to click

Second, to find the fourth egg you'll need to view the source code for this page , OR guess at the pattern of page naming based for the first three eggs.

Finally, the fifth egg can only be found with the clues on the page for the fourth egg (or a brute-force attack at guessing page names, which I don't recommend). For an additional hint, the page name has no zeroes in it. Those little round red herrings kept many a stalwart surfer from finding the final prize.

The Easter Egg links will remain on this page through the end of the week, but the pages themselves will remain on the site indefinitely. Thanks to all who played... I think you had almost as much fun at this as I did.