April 23, 2001

Well, if you don't read Schlock over the weekend, you've already missed the first entry here at it's new home. Use the arrow buttons at the bottom of this page to go find it, and any other choice gems you may be looking for from my archive of musings, rants, and e-pistles. I know, I know, it's like diamond mining in a manure pile. Trust me, though. I think I lost a ring or something in there.

Over the weekend I read Apocalypse Troll by David Weber, rather than cranking out the 8 strips I wanted to crank out (I got three, BUFFER=25... is that good enough?). It was worth the read, and I've added my review to my list of reviews over in the SF Library. Thanks go out to all the Schlock readers who've told me to go read some Weber. I'm hooked.

In other news, I'm dieting again. I'm also working out again. By the time the San Diego Comic-Con rolls around, I'll be in top form, unafraid of sunning myself at the hotel pool amid spates of autograph-signing and award-accepting at the convention center. At least that's the plan. I'll talk more about the 'Con as it gets closer. Right now it's still three months out. Time enough for me to get nominated for some awards, so I can rest on my big fat laurels for the latter half of the year.

Oh, wait. I'm dieting. My laurels are going to be lean and firm. Supple, even. That's me. Howard "supple-laurels" Tayler.