April 25, 2001

In recognition of the fact that my audience of Schlockers is an international one (I've got confirmed hits from four continents) I'd like to take this opportunity to recognize a holiday not celebrated in my home(ly?) United States, but that anyone appreciative of military endeavors should be aware of.

That's right, it's ANZAC day in the Pacific southern hemisphere, a commemoration of the April 25th, 1915 landings of Austrialian and New Zealand Army Corps, and their first casualties, on the Gallipoli peninsula during World War I. This page focuses on the day's observance in New Zealand, and this page illustrates the holiday's meaning to my brothers down under. My hat comes off and my heart goes out to these brave soldiers and their descendants all over the world.

I guess now is a good time to mention the fact that I've never served in the military. Some folks have emailed me privately and said "boy, your strip sure does a great job poking fun at armed forces. Where did you serve?" The answer? I served for two years as a Mormon missionary in North and South Dakota, largely just outside American missile bases. Although I draw on that excellent experience all the time, I usually don't draw on it for my strip.

(I draw on paper)

Okay, okay. That was probably the lamest joke I could possibly tell. Seriously, when I need to pull real-world experience into my strip I focus on the stuff that happens to me at work, and then I extrapolate. After all, whether in the military, the corporate world, entrepreneurial endeavors, church, or at home, we are all people, and we all wish we could carry field artillery around to settle arguments.

Or maybe that's just me. At any rate, Happy ANZAC day.