April 26, 2004

Penguicon Convention Report is UP!

I know you're all dying to hear how Penguicon went, and you're equally anxious to see the pictures I drew of the honored and nifty guests. Well, it's up. Go clicky.

You should also be aware that a limited number of 11x12 color prints are available. By "limited" I mean "I probably can't be bothered to print more when we run out." This differs from "Limited Edition Print" in that I make no guarantee as to the collectibility of this item. If you think it's cool, and want to hang it on the wall or give it to someone who will hang it on a different wall, great. If 10,000 of you think that, I'm not above flooding the market for the extra money.

There are two posters, as you can see here. They're $5.00 each, or $8.00 for a pair. Proceeds go to the lining of my pocket, once I've split them 50/50 with Jean Elmore, who makes the colors so pretty.

Thank you for sitting through this commercial. Now go read my Penguicon 2.0 Convention Report