ASO Radio interviews Howard Tayler

Back when I was neither attending, nor reporting on not attending Anime Banzai I was interviewed by Nz17 of ASO Radio. Well, the interview is now online, proving once and for all that if I continue to deny having attended an Anime convention as a paying fan rather than an honored guest, I do so in the face of mounting evidence to the contrary. I haven't listened to the interview beyond noodling around to see where the bit with me in it begins (it begins almost exactly in the middle of that linked MP3 file). Somebody please console me with the news that I didn't make an absolute sphincter of myself. Speaking of news, I'm already hearing from people whose books have arrived. If you selected "Priority Mail," you chose wisely. If you selected "Media Mail" you will likely be waiting another few days. As always, if you have any problems at all with the shipment of your book, please let us know. We can't hurry the postal service along any, but we will replace anything they manage to mangle.