Assorted Miracles

If you live in the Toronto area, my buddy Jim is having a book-launch party this Thursday night for The Makeshift Miracle, a brilliant gem of a story he first put online something like four years ago. He re-drew and recolored a bunch of it for print, and it really shines. Please stop by and support him in this -- tell him Howard sent you, and I'm sure you'll get a warm welcome. Makeshift Miracle Launch Party Not that you wouldn't get one anyway. Jim is great people. Not in the Toronto area? You can order Jim's book online or through your local comics retailer. In other miraculous news one of my all-time favorite comics - PvP - is getting animated. The 1-minute sample from the first episode looks and sounds great. The voices are spot-on, and the dialog is tight. Scott Kurtz and Blank Label Comics legend Kris Straub pushed the studio to put a top-notch team on this project, and they did. The only down-side is that it's kind of pricey. If you're used to "free TV" (what we used to get via assemblages of wires on our roofs, kids) then the $30 price-tag for a dozen 5-minute episodes is going to seem steep. Pre-order before the end of the year and it's only $19.95 -- still not free, but I'll be plunking down the PayPal coin. Nobody is getting rich off of this. As far as I'm able to tell it is a labor of love with some steep production costs they'd like to make back.