Assorted Reminders

Schlock Loves RSSI haven't mentioned it in weeks, but that doesn't mean the Schlock Mercenary RSS feed has gone away. Au contraire! It is alive, well, and being fed some 2,300 times per day. There is also a separate feed for this blog, which is unsurprisingly not nearly so popular. It tops out at around 72.

Other RSS-ish things that you don't need RSS to get: Writing Excuses is now into Season 2, and Episode 6 is up! Join us for a discussion on "Endings" and get a sneak peek into the process I used to tighten up the impending climactic ending for Book 10 -- Schlock Mercenary: The Longshoreman of the Apocalypse.

Writing Excuses Season One on CDFinally, don't forget that we're running a "free shipping anywhere on the planet" sale at All you have to do is spend $100 or more with us. Forget 700-billion-dollar stimulus packages. I can get stimulated with a C-note and a shipping address.

(Note: please do not take that last sentence out of context.)