Attention Australian Schlockers!

Howard was in your fair country with a load of Schlock books just a few weeks ago. He did not sell all the books he brought. It seemed a waste to ship all that good Schlock back to the states, so an Australian Schlocker agreed to warehouse it. Even better, he is willing to ship it to your house in Australia at domestic postage rates. So if you've put off buying books because of the price of international shipping, now is your chance to snag a book. Step one: Look at the list below to see which books are available. (I will update the list as books sell.) Step Two: Email schlockmercenary at with the list of what you would like to purchase and your mailing address. Step Three: I will email you back to tell you if your selections are still available. I will also include an exact price (including domestic shipping) and payment instructions. (Payments will be via Paypal.) Prices listed below are in Australian Dollars: Tub of Happiness ($28 AUD) 14 11 6 Sorry. We're out. Teraport Wars ($28 AUD) 21 18 15 10 7 copies Under New Management ($18 AUD) 46 44 39 35 32 copies The Blackness Between ($18 AUD) 5 2 Sorry. We're out. Scrapyard of Insufferable Arrogance ($18 AUD) 15 10 7 Sorry. We're out. Act quickly before the books are gone!   Sorry these books are no longer available. For Schlockers not in Australia, all the books are available from our store.