Auction Time!

By Sandra Tayler The Teraport WarsAs promised we are now offering the special Teraport Wars #0001 Sketched edition. On the final page of this book Howard will illustrate the character of choice in full color. This is a unique piece of Schlock history. Don't let it go to someone else! Place your bid here. Or if Artwork to hang on your wall is more your style, we are offering three original pieces that Howard drew specially for The Teraport Wars. Everyone who buys a book will get a copy, but you can own the original. Uniocs These Uniocs are prepared to take on some serious trouble, hopefully they're on your side. Place your bid here! Kevyn & Petey Kevyn and Petey appear to be at odds in this picture. Hopefully no explosions will be necessary to resolve the issue. Place your bid here! Fleeing DronesI'm not sure what those Attorney Drones are fleeing from, but odds are good that Tagon's Toughs had something to do with it. Place your bid here! If you're a person who likes to watch the bidding action. All four auctions are tracked on this one page. Good luck to all you bidders! And don't forget there are many other exciting bonus features in The Teraport Wars, including a never before seen bonus story. You can still buy your copy from Our Store.