Auctionfest, Courtesy of the Kayuda Team

auction-bunni.JPGIt's auction time again, only this time we're doing something different. There are six auctions starting this morning, and they're being sponsored by Wotan LLC.

How's it work? Well... Wotan is launching their new product, Kayuda, today, and the Kayuda team wants people to start using it. Kayuda is a web-based visual wiki, a mind-mapping tool, and a non-linear writing tool. It's free, and any number of people can collaborate simultaneously in real-time. You can have any number of "wikis" (called "workspaces"), and you can choose how private to make them.

So... how did Wotan's Kayuda team set about "sponsoring" these auctions? It's simple. They bought the artwork, and then told me I could auction it off and keep the proceeds myself.

Wanna know the best part? All of the pieces on the block right now were used in Schlock books. That means that after the auction closes, I will have been paid three times for each piece -- once through book sales, once by Wotan LLC, and once by the winning bidder.

Isn't mercenary work fine?

auction-jaksmouth.JPGNow then, I'm not just shilling for them because I've got their money. I've been using Kayuda on and off as a scripting tool, and it's pretty handy. In short, I wouldn't have accepted their money if I didn't like their product. I DO like it, and I think lots of you might, too.

My glimpses at the super-secret Kayuda Roadmap hinted at upcoming support for tags, file attachments, per-node permissions, chat, and full Entity-Relationship Diagramming. The developers are also soliciting input for what they should build next on this platform: project management, sketching, something else? Try out what they've got today, and send them your feedback.

Oh, and here's a list of the auctions:

Go have a look, happy bidding, and even if you don't win, you can use Kayuda for free.