Auctionfest, Round Two! Thanks, Kayuda!

auction-cover.JPGIf the six auctions that opened Monday morning aren't what you're looking for, here are six more, again sponsored by Wotan LLC as part of their Kayuda launch. Kayuda is a web-based visual wiki, a mind-mapping tool, and a non-linear writing tool that allows you to track ideas and the relationships between them.

As I said on Monday, Wotan purchased these pieces from me, and then told me to auction them off and keep the proceeds. So there it is, I got paid twice. But wait... all of these but one (I bet you can guess which) appear in Schlock Mercenary books, so I already got paid once for the artwork.

igotpaidthreetimes.jpgI am SO doing the happy-dance.

I've been using Kayuda to help me organize some of my story notes, and I like it. I think you'll like it too, especially since you can try it out for free. I don't usually say "please support our sponsors," but the Kayuda team has been very generous with this campaign, and I'd love to see them get lots of attention as a result.

Here is a list of the auctions that opened Tuesday evening:

I'll understand if the bidding on "Howard's Happy Dance" stays down around $0.99. I drew that one just for this campaign at the express request (read that "contractual demand") of the sponsor. The Cover Art auction is a different story: It includes all three inked pieces I used to assemble the cover, and this is the first time I've made something like that available.

Go check out the auctions (here's the full list), and give Kayuda a try too.