Auctioning some Schlock

A while back I ran out of business cards. I design them myself, and have them printed at the local Alphagraphics place, and I knew that sometime before the start of my 2006 convention season I'd be needing some more. So on Friday I did something I've been meaning to do ever since I began designing my own cards: I put ten different cards on the sheet, so that when they're cut I'll have some variety in what I hand out. Since business cards always get put off until the last possible minute, the most I'd ever managed to lay out before was four. Well, the new cards are going to look cool. I'm so happy with them, I figured I'd give one lucky (read that "able to outbid everyone else") Schlocker the opportunity to own the proof sheet, uncut. As an added bonus, the auction includes all seven of the previous URL cards I've done. You can see photos of the whole batch o' Schlock here. LTUE begins this week. If you're there, you'll get to see the new cards up close. If not, well... scroll to the bottom of the page and see where ELSE I'll be this year. (Oh... and I'll be at Emerald City Comic-Con in April. I haven't added that to the schedule yet.)