Auctions! Closing this Thursday!

Teraport Wars Sketch edition #404It would seem that there are still a few sketch editions left. Sandra makes me do extras so that those lost in the mail can be replaced, and this time around we discovered a real treat: Sketch Edition #404 has Schlock in it, and he's holding a blank sheet and saying "I couldn't find the page you were looking for."

We've also got some less numerically notable Teraport Wars sketches on the dutch-auction block this week: six Kevyns, three Tagons, two Elfs, and two Ennesbys.

In the Schlock Mercenary store we still have some scratch-and-dent books left. These books feature dings, scuffs, and light damage that most folks wouldn't notice, but you Schlock fans aren't most folks. You are discriminating customers with an eye for quality. Or for a bargain. In this case you're getting 30% off for damage you'd probably inflict yourself on the first read-through. We've got three Tubs, six TPWs, and nine each of Under New Management and The Blackness Between left, so don't wait too long before placing an order.

Speaking of low stock: We're down to our last 25 sets of warning sign magnets, and we definitely will not be able to get more before Christmas, let alone in time to ship them for pre-holiday arrival.

Sandra tells me that we will be having another few auctions next week. I'm assuming these will be original sketches and marker pieces done for margin art, but I don't know. She's in charge of that.