August 02, 2002

I meant to update this letter before leaving for my vacation at Comic-Con International, but there just wasn't time. I ended up leaving home at midnight, and after 12 hours of travel and another 12 hours of booth setup, it was time for bed (and how). And then there was more to do first thing in the morning -- manning the booth for the hordes of comic fans and pop-culture aficionados.

This vacation is turning out to be a lot of work. They're really making me earn my .... hey. I'm not getting paid ANYTHING for this.

I must be doing this because it's fun. I'll focus on that thought.

The convention is an amazing place. Lots of comic book stuff, lots of movie stuff, toys, games, consoles... it's all here. As are 90,000 people (or at least that's the number we've been given as a projected estimate for Saturday's attendance.) Wow.

I'd say more, but I've been busy all day, and now it's time to sleep. Maybe you'll get another 'Con update before I come home. Maybe not.