August 04, 2005

Irresistable Nose meets Immovable Grindstone
entry, Thursday, August 4th, 2005

I don't know about you, but I'm tired of looking at the big picture of "sick Howard". Didn't get your fill? Scroll around at and you'll find 'em. You sicko.

Anyway, I thought I'd put up the latest development, which is that I have a pile of work to do. The buffer has languished between one and two weeks for what seems like forever now, and I've got a stack of stuff to ink and color. Then there's the massive pile of work that still needs to be done for the first Schlock Mercenary dead-tree volume (the current plan is that it will contain Book I and Book II, starting here and wrapping here), and the compilation CD which will contain the first 1000 strips. In both cases higher resolutions will be used than are available to you on the web, and in the book every strip will be colored with that shiny, gradient-y goodness you see in the Sunday strips.

At any rate, it's a big pile of work, and I need to get on it.

Add to that my desire to re-enable Google Ads... we've got a site redesign coming up, which will bring more content above the fold, restore (finally!) the entry archives to the site, and give me the opportunity to sell your precious eyeballs to more people than ever before (which part of the phrase "Schlock Mercenary" didn't you understand?)

You can clearly see that my To-Do list is the length of my arm. Fortunately, I can now hold my arm out at full extension, and even swing it around a bit. It's been almost exactly three weeks since I separated my right shoulder. It made a cool popping noise this morning when I slapped the alarm clock on Sandra's side of the bed, and I did not scream in pain. In fact, it felt kind of good.

So... nose to the grindstone. I'll be serving up dashed To-Do items in short order, probably with a side of faceburger, given the speed at which the grindstone has to be turning. Back to work with me.