August 07, 2001

In the last few weeks I've gotten several VERY cool pieces of fan-art. In an act of criminal laziness, I still don't have my fan-art page up and running. I'll say no more on the matter until I have a place to display the art.

In other news, I bought a postal scale so that it's easier for me to figure out how much to charge folks for multiple shirt orders, or overseas orders, or stuff like that (speaking of which, go buy a schlock t-shirt!. )

A cool thing happened this weekend. My buddy Chalain stopped by the house to talk plotlines with me. I shared the next four weeks of plot with him, and then picked his brain to see if the direction I was going in the next 16 weeks made sense. We had some fun conversations, in the course of which there was rabid gesticulation, some elucidation, and plenty of fomentation. Then he left, and I was stuck with the same writers' block I've had for a week now.

And THEN I broke through it, and in one sitting I cranked out 8 scripts, connected the dots in my next 16-week arc, and felt very pleased with myself. I've got plenty to draw this week, and I expect that the scripts will keep flowing for great Schlock well into November.

Why am I telling you this? Because Schlock Mercenary is at least a little bit interactive. Stop by the forum (you'll need to register to post, but we'll keep your email addy private--I promise) and say a thing or two. Sure, I've got plenty of material to work with, but feedback from readers helps me polish that material, giving it that deep, buffed patina that so very nearly resembles slime (but is NOT slime. Nope). No, don't touch it. It looks so wet it might just fool you into believing that it is wet, and we can't have you all psyched out like that.

Hey. I said don't touch it. NOW look what you've done. Yeesh. Whatever you do, don't wipe your hands on your... oh nevermind.