August 11, 2002

The new Schlock Mercenary t-shirts are in!

My atlas-award-winning friend Kent likes his new Schlock shirt
That's right, after a year of the 'cast shot' shirts being the only merchandise available, there is now a new design. Kent (my friend there on the left) is wearing an unwashed 'Large' which I think looks pretty good on him. Sure, you might think he can make ANY shirt look good, but I'm confident it's the clever design and the 100% cotton comfort that has him looking like an award-winning bodybuilder. (For the record, I gave Kent a double-XL to wear around the house).

Feel free to head on over to SchlockMart to see the image up close, and to get yours before all the really big sizes are gone. This time I ran a few triple-XL and double-XL shirts in both black and grey, and I had them do a reprint of the 'cast shot' t-shirt in those sizes as well, but there are only a dozen or so of those total. Sure, I can print more multi-XL shirts if there's enough demand, but you don't want to be the one left waiting for me to get off my sorry butt and do reprints, do you?.