August 11, 2004


Fandemonium, the SF/F, Anime, Manga, Gaming, Comics, Horror, and whatever else convention in Boise, Idaho begins this Friday. Schlockfest begins at 7:00pm in room 770 on THURSDAY, and one of the things I'm bringing along is my laptop with the new READ-AHEAD feature for Schlockers who want to time-travel into the future of the strip. I'll be bringing everything through the end of Book III, which is just over a month's worth of strips. But it's ONLY available at Schlockfest. For the rest of the 'Con you'll be lorded over by the early-bird Schlockers who saw the next month's worth of strips before they'd even been colored.

I'll be posting stuff to the Live Journal from time to time, so tune in there for updates. And now, back to packing!