August 15, 2005

Celebrity Playlist
entry, August 15th, 2005

I'm always looking for good music to draw to. Recently I noodled around on iTunes looking for some 80's stuff I hadn't heard in forever (largely because it hadn't stood the test of time), and came up with three out of the four tunes I was looking for: Dennis DeYoung's "Boys Will Be Boys," Styx's "Music Time" (from their "Caught in the Act" album -- the only studio piece on the album of live tracks, which I only ever had on LP, and don't own anymore), and my first ever "favorite pop song" - Joey Scarbury and Mike Post's "Theme from the Greatest American Hero (Believe it or Not)." The track I couldn't find was Tommy Shaw's "Girls With Guns."

Anyway, I added these to my "still shiny" playlist of songs I haven't gotten tired of listening to yet. When I find myself skipping tracks, I yank 'em from the playlist, because obviously they're not shiny anymore. The most played track on that playlist is the radio edit of "Promise" by Eve 6, with a play count of 253. The runner up is "Better, Harder, Faster, Stronger" from Daft Punk, at 163.

(Ooops. 164.)

Chalain notified me that if I want good music to draw to, I need to check out some video game music -- specifically, he directed me to music from the last PC games I ever really sunk serious time into: Warcraft and Starcraft.

(No, I've never played a MMORPG. No, I never duked it out on Yes, World of Warcraft sounds very fun, and quite time-consuming. No, I do not need video game recommendations from you at this time, but thank you for offering.)

Well, the Warcraft II soundtrack can be ripped into iTunes (or any other player) straight off of the game CD, which I still have. The Starcraft soundtrack took a little more work. Fortunately, I found that someone had already done it. So now I have a 100-minute playlist called "Blizzard," and it's great. My hindbrain hears that, and I'm off to chop wood, dig gold, mine crystals, and collect volatile gases -- all in the name of expansion (at the unfortunate expense of my enemies.) Ahhh...

The music beckons. Back to the gold mine with me...