August 18, 2004

I'm Back Home Now

Fandemonium was a blast, and I've jotted down a few notes from which my Con Report will soon emerge. I've been pretty busy since getting back into town, though, so I'm going to have to state publicly that the previous sentence is true only for sufficiently procrastinatorial values of "soon."

There was something else I wanted to say here, but I've forgotten what it was. Oh well. I'm back, I'm happy, I'm healthy... I could ask for more, but what would be the point?

Update! , 0923h

I still don't remember what else I was planning on saying, but I DID get a cool piece of Fan Art this morning from Chris Battey of Scatterplot. It's an enlistment poster for Tagon's Toughs, and it'll have you all just rushing right in to sign up, I'm sure.