August 18, 2005

Wiped Out
entry, August 18th, 2005

I don't know what happened, but I was wiped out yesterday.

I woke up at 8:30, and felt like crap. I had breakfast, took a hot shower to loosen up the mess of knots I had in my back and shoulder (which still complains about our little separation incident 5 weeks ago), and then went back to bed at 9:30am. At 11:30am I woke up and was exhausted. I puttered at the computer, and then went back to bed at around noon. At 1:30pm I got up and felt pretty good. I got an hour's worth of work done, and then felt wiped out, and ready for another nap.

I made it to the Temple for the evening's shift, but ran out of steam around 8:00pm, just four hours in. And do note, please, that the four hours I was there were spent propped up on ibuprofen and around 25mg of caffeine. "Propped" up, not "hopped" up, thank-you-very-much.

I have three theories:

1) I'm getting sick. My temperature is 98.2, so it's a possibility.
2) Not taking narcotics at bedtime (I tried to do without on Tuesday night) threw me for a loop.
3) Accrued interest on my sleep debt reached the point at which the First Metabolitionist Bank of Howard foreclosed on my Wednesday.

Today is going much better, fortunately. I took my narcotics again last night, and felt the sleepy-loopy pull of them, as they summoned me to the fluffy one-sided softness of sleeping always on my left side. (I miss being able to see my bedside clock. I'd call it an "alarm" clock, but that implies use of the "alarm" feature, and you can bet your summertime jammies I don't use THAT these days.)


p.s. I got email from a couple of schlockers. Terry sent me Tommy Shaw's "Girls With Guns" track, and totally made my day. That song is punchier and happier than I remember it being, which is unusual. Most "memory lane" tracks have a lot of suck in them when I listen these days. The other email was from Jeff, who pointed me at Overclocked Remix. I now have a remix of "Lemmings" playing in the background... if this ain't fitting music to draw comics to, I don't know what is. But there are some heavy-hitting "DOOM" remixes waiting for a chance to inspire me...