August 25, 2004

Oh how handsome! And the blob on the front is so slimming!

You may be wondering why I partnered with Steve Jackson for merchandise. The simple facts are these:

  1. Sandra is tired of going to the post office.
  2. The merchandise Steve makes is truly superior to what I was subcontracting locally.
  3. His store is better by far than my alternatives.
  4. Imagine the possibilities... Steve Jackson Games... Schlock Mercenary...
Steve and I are excited about this. I hope you are too. In fact, I hope you're SO excited that you'll go shopping RIGHT NOW.

Incidentally, while you're out at Warehouse 23, you ought to take a look at Star Munchkin 2: The Clown Wars (an expansion for the original Star Munchkin). John Kovalic illustrated most all of the cards, but there's a "Plasma Cannon" card in there drawn by yours truly. You need to own it. Besides, the game is a LOT of fun to play.