August 28, 2002

As promised yesterday, here's your link to the charitable-cause bonus strip:

(No, not that link. That's the link to yesterday's open letter. Keep reading...)

Head on over to the Altbrand MDA 2002 Webcomic Telethon, where a number of webtoonists, including yours truly, are running strips to encourage folks to donate to the Muscular Dystrophy Association. The Schlock Mercenary contribution can only be seen on the Altbrand pages, and in an effort to drag do-goodishness behind the inexorable juggernaut of self-interest, the original artwork will be auctioned off.

That's right, for the first time EVER I'll be auctioning off original strip artwork, rather than the concept art or the marker goodies I've sold for personal gain in the past. And this time, the proceeds go to charity, rather than to me. But the only way to participate is to click on over to that weird and wonderful Webcomic Telethon thing. Schlock and his BH-209 will show up sometime today (Wednesday), after which you'll be able to find your favorite blobby anti-hero in the Altbrand archives.

Go on... click outta here already. Do some good.