August 31, 2002

The Schlock Mercenary auction for the Altbrand MDA Webcomic Telethon ended right on time, but rather unexpectedly. You see, the final bid was $100, but the winner was so exuberant about either the cause or the artwork (I suspect the former) that he threw an extra $50 in for good measure.

As promised, I've turned this entire sum around and made a $150 donation to the Muscular Dystrophy Association. If you want proof, click here and enter this number: 065084380-874878-7691-74-3557. I've heard of this business of doing my alms in secret, with the left hand completely unaware of what the right hand is doing, but He who seeth in secret is supposed to be rewarding someone ELSE openly, and I need to be accountable for handing that someone else's money off to the MDA, lest I be accused of hiding that talent under a bushel, or burying it, and hey, is that a mote in your eye?

A big shout goes out to the guys over at Altbrand for putting this thing together.


And now, to change the subject: The Teraport Wars story wraps up (with loose ends dangling all over the place, in true Schlock Mercenary fashion) with the September 1st Sunday strip. I hope you enjoyed it. I had a great time. I'm already done scripting the story that follows it, and the story that follows THAT one, "Schlocktoberfest 2002," is taking a nicely scary shape as you read this. [cue clanking chains, screams, and the smoke machine].

[cue gasping noises and sobbing. the smoke thickens].

[screams turn to hackneyed coughs. cue bits of flying lung].

[okay, okay. enough with the smoke].

The effects still need some work, apparently.