Back from GenCon, Off to WorldCon

Confession: I'm too wiped out and too stressed to give you anything approaching a proper convention report. I got back from GenCon Indy Monday afternoon, and I leave for ChiCon 7 (the 70th World Science Fiction Convention) in a week. During that time I'm hoping to add two weeks to the buffer and finish a horror novelette, visit the gym at least five times, and adopt a "morning person" schedule so I'm aligned with all my kids.

Blogging? Not much time for it. Besides, I didn't take many pictures.

I do need to give a shout-out, however: Reddick, Skippy, & company saved my Sunday evening, and then Yon, Julie, Thomas, and Andrew pushed it over the top. Thanks, everybody. You can't possibly know how much I needed the company and the conversation, and specifically the exact company and conversations I got to be a part of. 

And now, back to work...