Back to School

This morning the smell of fall was in the air. It was a trick, of course. We had rain last night, so the smell this morning was actually "wet summer," but here in the Great Western Desert that's as good as August gets. My kids are back in school, and so are more than a few of my readers. For those of you NOT in school, I'll let you in on a little secret: Kids these days? They read webcomics at school ALL THE TIME. Yeah, I see you in my server logs. I see your campus proxy servers. I see your frat home-pages. I see your digital footprints, as you sneak around the musty Schlock Mercenary archives... Your soul is mine. Want it back? Oh, that's easy... BRING ME MORE SOULS. Hook your friends on Schlock. Find a favorite strip and share it. Loan them your book. ( Buy a book, and THEN loan it to them.) Need help? Here's a page full of link banners you can use in sigs. But the best way to recruit your new flatmates or fellow dorm-rats is to laugh out loud while you read. Don't hold it in. That's not healthy.