Batman: the Dark Knight takes spot #2

I saw Batman: The Dark Knight on Friday morning, and it rocked my socks off. If you've ever seen my boots then perhaps you can imagine just how much sock-rocking that is. The film did not, however, claim top spot on my list. Wall-E remains on top, further cementing the notion that our robotic creations will someday rule us. Here's the updated list, wherein I rate the movies I've seen this summer in descending order of how much I liked them... 1) Wall-E 2) Batman: the Dark Knight 3) Kung-Fu Panda 4) Speed Racer 5) Iron Man 6) Hellboy II 7) Get Smart 8) Wanted 9) Hulk 10) Indiana Jones 11) Hancock 12) Prince Caspian 13) Journey to the Center of the Earth Remember, none of these movies sucked (at least not for me) though Journey to the Center of the Earth did come close. This has been a fantastic summer for connossieurs of "le cinema de bustre du bloque." My one complaint with Dark Knight is that it temporarily removed all of my desires for lesser films. That means that Space Chimps will probably go unseen by me until after Comic-Con, and if it's still in theaters then it will have to armwrestle The X-Files: I Want to Believe for my time and money. Since I really do want to believe, it's looking bad for the monkeys apes.