Be a Fly on This Wall

Some of you may have heard me mention Writing Excuses, the podcast for writers I record with Brandon Sanderson and Dan Wells, with the expert assistance of Producer Jordo and many notable guests. And you may have thought "I am not a writer, nor do I want to be one, so this won't be interesting."

You might be right. But this week's 'cast, in which we enumerate and eviscerate the many things writers list as excuses for NOT writing? This one has broad appeal. I strongly suspect that if you've ever made any sort of an excuse to not be doing the creative, brain-powered work that is right in front of you, you'll find something in here to help you tear down those barriers and get your game on.

Or maybe you'll just laugh with us, because while we have a lot of fun recording these, this particular episode was especially mirthy. Come and be a fly on the wall while Brandon and Dan make fun of my pants.