Been Sick, Keliana's Stepping Up

Schlock Mercenary: Resident Mad Scientist is this close (hold your fingers 1.5cm apart) to being sent to the printer. There's a final editing pass, assembly of the cover elements, and a little bit of marginalia.

So of course I'm down with a cold this week. After my Epstein-Barr diagnosis in January (read: "recurrence of mononucleosis") I decided to take convalescing a little more seriously. This means I'm not allowed to go pills-to-the-gills and declare business as usual. So the book gets delayed again, at least by a little bit. Fortunately, Keliana has stepped up and offered to color some of the margin pieces for me.

This is marker and colored pencil on top of laser print, and yes, it's on the auction block. The original inked line-art had white-out on it which screws up the application of translucent color like markers or watercolor paints, so we scanned it, printed the scan, and let Keliana color the print.

Keliana has offered to color a few more margin pieces and I'm inclined to let her. Hopefully I'll be all better by Thursday because the buffer is suffering and I'm anxious to get back to work.