Birthday Sale on the 29th

On Wednesday, February 29th, I will be 44 years old while celebrating my eleventh calendar birthday.

(Leap day terminology is weird like that.)

Among the things we'll be doing by way of celebration, there will be a sale.The numbers 29, 11, and 44 will feature prominently. For instance, there will be a birthday book bundle that shaves $44 off of the $140 price tag. But that's all I'm revealing right now. 

As part of the festivities I'm going to start the day by having two cavities filled. These are the first cavities I've ever had, so it's a pretty special event. I've also scheduled a massage for that afternoon. Oh, and we'll be putting some art up on eBay to pay for the dental work and kneaded flesh.

One of those pieces is the original line art for the cover of the next book, Schlock Mercenary: Sharp End of the Stick. If you follow my Twitter feed you saw the process shots. Here's the final line art:

I still need to finish a lot of the marginalia for this book, but I hope to have that done by the 29th. If I succeed, I will have earned the massage. If I fail, I will have earned the dental work. Either way, there is justice in the universe, and you get a nice sale.