Blame Assigned, Store Fixed, You May Shop Normally

The United States Postal Service provides a live lookup table for rates. When they changed their rates, they broke this system, and anybody consuming it was left with no data. Our storefront responded with the default, which is "hide shipping options for which there is no rate data." 

We've fixed the problem by changing the default to a static lookup. That static table cannot be updated on-the-fly by the USPS, but neither can it be broken by them. You may now shop at the Schlock Mercenary Store (and take advantage of the Boxed Set Bundle through January 7th) and know that your shipping costs are, if not completely reasonable, at least accurate.

Gerald Ford said "A government big enough to give you everything you want is a government big enough to take from you everything you have." I would more broadly (and less politically) apply that principle and say "any system that does everything for you can injure you by doing nothing." That should cover everything from Social Security and the United States Post Office to Skype and the alarm on your iPhone. Welcome to the 21st century.