Board Game Cover Art Assembled

No lettering yet, but here's the assembled piece.

It still needs some tweaks, like adjusted shadows and a color nudge here and there.

As a reminder, I'll be building wallpapers from this and from some of the components, and providing those for supporters at all levels (including the one-dollar supporters) sometime during the week after we fund. "Before Christmas" is my goal, at any rate.

Speaking of goals, we've clobbered another over-fund goal. Supporters all get a Flying Schlock card. The next goal (which, I'm told, will put us 5th in the top funded board games on Kickstarter) is a blank card and some instructions for how to stat out a custom character. It comes with a promise that if you can catch up with me in person, I'll sketch on that card.

A blank card may not sound like much to you. To ME it sounds a little bit like a blank check. Then again, I've yet to do a convention where me drawing a lot of pictures hasn't also meant the convention paid for itself and maybe bought some groceries for the family back home. I suppose me and my aching hand shouldn't complain overmuch about what is actually an awesome problem to have.

UPDATE: You fine, fund-frenzied folks blasted past the $56,174 mark and into 5th place while I slept, and I did not sleep for very long. The next goal is $64,000. I'll post another update here with a description of the reward just as soon as the design team clears it. YOU ARE MAKING MORE WORK FOR EVERYONE AND WE ARE QUITE HAPPY ABOUT THAT.

Update #2: You flew past the $64,000 goal before I could announce that you'd be getting an extra punch-board of tokens and tiles. Our final goal is $73,173, and that's the mark where all supporters get wooden tokens for characters.