Book Week is a comin'

First, the bad news. If your address is in Utah, we will be shipping your books out AFTER the launch party on May 20th. We don't have any other way to track down who will and won't be there, and wouldn't want you to plan on bringing your copy to the party, only to find that the postal service still had it. This way if you come to the party, you'll find that WE have your book. You'll get yours before almost anybody else. The good news is actually just a twist on the bad. Since all the mailings will be done on Thursday and Friday prior to the party on May 20th, Utah mail-orders are only going to be delayed by a day or two, so if you live in Utah and do not come to the party, you will be getting your book at about the same time the folks who live on the East Coast get theirs. All this depends, of course, on the books actually arriving at my house in a timely manner. They're due to show up on Monday the 15th, at which point I become suddenly, suddenly busy with sketches and signatures. So far I've heard of no further delays. And as a reminder, if you live in Utah and would like to help with the mailing process (oh what a party THAT will be!) email Sandra (dot) Tayler at her gmail account and she'll get you the details. It happens in a week. In preparation for the coming week, I drew two weeks of comics this week. The buffer hasn't been this healthy in months.