Books, and books, and books

Some of you have asked what 10,000 pounds of books looks like.

Here is a photo of 9,700 pounds of books.

9700 pounds of books in my garage

The remaining 300 or so pounds of books are in a short pallet in the driveway awaiting transfer by the one-hundred-and-mmumblemumble pound blond in the upper-left corner.

Here is a photo of one of the open boxes of books.

A Box of The Tub of Happiness

My first job is to sign a bunch of these (read: more than a ton) on the cover. Sandra's job is pictured below:

Sandra's Job

The 1234 Tub of Happiness StampShe will use stamp A and blotter-sheet B to ready a book from stack C for sketching. The blotter sheets are labeled, so I know which sketch needs to go in the book.

These books are then re-boxed over at D. Right now D stands for Drone -- we've got 57 books prepped for me to create Attorney Drone sketch editions.

Once I sketch in a book, I write the number in the blank over the #1234, forever cementing this sketch edition as a numbered one.

With luck I'll start doing Attorney Drones and Kevyns tonight. Regardless of which ones I finish, we're not shipping anything until a week from Thursday.

And don't forget: You still have until Monday morning to get in on the $20 pre-order price!