The Bourne Legacy

I don't have a proper panic or anxiety disorder like my friend Rob, but I do have episodes from time to time.

One of those episodes coincided with my viewing of The Bourne Legacy. Just fifteen minutes into the film I knew something was wrong, because I was incredibly tense, and while the film wanted me tense, I was pretty sure it didn't want me to leave the theater -- an action I was sorely tempted to take.

So... mild-to-medium anxiety attack, plus Bourne Legacy = BEST ACTION THRILLER MOVIE EVER I ALMOST HAD A CORONARY. 

Obviously your mileage will vary wildly. The film was a solid spy thriller, with the usual sorts of plot-holes and physics problems. If you're into that stuff (and I usually am -- Skyfall is going to get my opening night money) this is probably a pretty safe bet.

This comes in at #14 for me for the year. Had I been in the right mood and frame of mind this could have been in bottom half of the top ten, but we'll never know because that moment has past.