Bracing for Back-Patting

The nomination phase for the 2007 Web Cartoonists' Choice Awards is finished, and Blank Label Comics members were honored with several nominations.
Outstanding B&W Comic: Starslip Crisis by Kristofer Straub Outstanding Character Rendering: Ugly hill By Paul Southworth Outstanding Use of the Medium: Halfpixel by Kristofer Straub Outstanding Web Design: Starslip Crisis by Kristofer Straub Outstanding Comedic Comic: Sheldon by Dave Kellett and Shortpacked! by David Willis Outstanding Sci Fi Comic: Schlock Mercenary by Howard Tayler and Starslip Crisis by Kristofer Straub Outstanding Superhero/Action Comic: Evil Inc by Brad Guigar
That's nine nominations in all. Congratulations are in order to everyone, but especially to Kris Straub, who scored four of the nine. When I commented about the amount of lumber present for his birthday, I had no idea how much glory he'd be logging in this latest venture. That's a lot of lumber! The competition for actually winning the awards is pretty stiff. In the Sci-Fi category, Kris and I are not only up against each other (DIE, woodcutter) but also face the legendary Hugo Award-winning cartoonist Phil Foglio and the rest of team Foglio who are up in our grills with Girl Genius.