Bracing for GenCon Indy and WorldCon 67

Anticipation, the 67th World Science Fiction Convention In ten days Sandra and I fly to Montreal for Anticipation/WorldCon 67, the 67th Annual World Science Fiction Convention. We will not have merchandise with us at this event. We were unable to find a dealer interested in carrying it. Oh well, more time for me to meet people and talk about stuff. I do have a 30-minute signing, and I'm planning to bring a stack of paper to do as many sketches as time permits. There may also be an extra-conventional (read: outside-of-the-convention) Schlocker get-together. See the comments thread for more information.

Obviously if you're hoping to get me to sign your book, you need to bring it with you. You can get one here, or maybe in Toronto at The Beguiling. Toronto's in Canada, right? How far can that possibly be from Montreal?

GenCon IndyImmediately after returning from WorldCon I'm turning around and going to GenCon Indy. We'll have a full pallet of XDM: X-Treme Dungeon Mastery and I'm also bringing around 20 copies of each of my books, along with twenty shrink-wrapped boxed sets. If you've never shopped with us online and would prefer to pick up Schlock merchandise in person, please stop by! I won't have that much inventory on-hand, though, so please come by early.

Between now and the events I need to knock down three weeks of comics. No problem. I know just the guy for that job.