Brandon Came To Mine, I'm Coming To His

Brandon Sanderson is launching his Hero of Ages book tour tonight at 5:30pm at the Brigham Young University Bookstore. You can get signed and numbered copies of book three of the Mistborn trilogy, and you can also see me and Dan (his Writing Excuses buddies) heckling him from somewhere nearby.

That's about all I've got for details. If you're local, this should be fun. Visitor parking on BYU campus can be found north of the Museum of Art and also just east of the Wilkinson Center.

In completely unrelated news (but as long as I'm posting) here is some random linkage:

1) The interview I did at Brainshare 2008 is up on YouTube. Man, that shirt makes me look fat. And the fat under the shirt isn't helping one bit. Oh, and the camera adds 10 pounds. Also, they misspelled my name.

2) Schlock Mercenary advertiser  Jason Cook's "Blake Undying" was a winner in the "Canadian Comic Creation Nation" contest, and is a finalist for a $15,000 grant. They make the decision this Friday. Good luck, Jason!

3)  I neglected to point any of you at the podcast I did with Nine Panel Nerds a couple of months ago. I can't remember what I said. Check it out and see if I've embarrassed myself.

4) This week we launch Writing Excuses: Season Two. We recorded the first four episodes in front of a live audience at MoutainCon, and episode one is up!