Busy Weekend Camping

The family went camping this weekend. I went driving up and down the canyon. Stormclad by Privateer Press, painted by Howard TaylerThis was so we could finally participate in the massive Pope-Durfee family reunion (that's Sandra's mother's family,) but my own partial participation was a concession to "Howard really needs to get some work done," along with "Howard would like to be well-rested on Monday." And so it was that my oldest daughter and I slept at home while everyone else was three thousand feet up. My daughter's excuse for not sleeping in the (crowded!) tent was that she just got back from camping and really didn't have the stomach for it again. In some of my non-camping time I relaxed and painted, finally finishing the Stormclad warjack pictured here. Check out my Stormclad Flickr Set if you want to see the annotated pictures and close-ups. Is it camping if the site is only 22 minutes from your home? Yes. But not if you sleep in your home. My family went camping. I had three days worth of "picnic."