By Way of Thanks

I've been getting lots of email from happy people whose books have arrived. Sandra has been getting email from the few less-than-completely happy people whose orders got messed up. This seems very unfair to me, because in large measure Sandra is the one who made the delivery of these books possible. Sure, she's the one who has to make good on the few screw-ups, but she also deserves some seriously mad props from everybody else. So... here's the call to action. If you're happy about the book you got, and you feel inclined to thank someone, please thank Sandra (schlockmercenary is her gmail address), and be sure to make the subject line something along the lines of "Hurray, the book arrived!" Because, you know, if she gets inundated with emails whose subject just reads "Schlock book" or "re: Order #2616" she's going to worry about the news that might be inside them. And as long as we're thanking people, I can't express enough gratitude for the loyal, hard-working Schlockers who showed up at Dragon's Keep to package your books. The least I can do is run the roll-call: John, Glen, Baggins, Toad, Drew, Sparrowface, Zinho, Blackdove, Kadja, Kirjath, Maru, Havoc, and Ryan -- this Thanksgiving I am thankful for you and your hard work. I'm also thankful for Levi, Zac, and the rest of the crew at Dragon's Keep for letting us invade their space. Happy Thanksgiving everybody.