It's 2014! Do You Have A Calendar?

For all the promises of a paperless office that we've been hearing (and making!) for the last 20 years, paper calendars remain handy. So do lots of other paper things, like collections of comics, but here in January more people are likely to find themselves suddenly in need of a calendar.

We've got your back, folks. The calendars, they are still in stock. Order between now and Monday morning, and Sandra will ship them on Monday.

(Monday is January 6th. Oh, and today is Saturday, January 4th. These are things you might not know without the help of a calendar.)

On Thursday (which was January 2nd) I calculated the number of weeks required to do all of the things I need to do this year, including family vacations, convention travel, and a dozen or so projects. I came up with "57," which is a nice number for a sauce but not a realistic number for work-weeks spent during a calendar (do you have one yet?) year. 

So I tweaked the project list a bit, got aggressive with some of the estimates, and dropped a couple of projects. The new number is 49.5. This would be perfectly acceptable but for the fact that roughly 75% of the projects need to be completed before July. Somehow I must stuff 37 work weeks into my calendar between now and late June. This is something the 2014 Schlock Mercenary Calendar cannot help much with. It can, however, help me document my failure. I'll be able to point to the exact day upon which I said "yes, this is impossible." 

It might be Monday, January 6th.