The 2014 Calendar and We Have a New Warehouse

Saturday, November 2nd, Sandra and a dozen volunteers shifted about ten tons of material from the two Hypernode Media storage units into the new Hypernode Media Warehouse and Office Space. (It needs a better name, yes. Sandra is on that.)

A shot from the back corner, next to the loading door. The offices are MUCH nicer, and are past that bright patch at image center. Walk toward the light...

What this means is that as of right now our shipping system is broken. Like a car in the yard, it's up on blocks and the engine is dangling precariously from an a-frame and a winch. This week Sandra will be putting new wheels on it, dropping in the rebuilt engine, ripping out those busted-up seats with the bead covers, and this metaphor has kind of gotten away from me.

Sandra needs to hustle, because on November 11th we'll be opening pre-orders for the Schlock Mercenary 2014 Calendar.

If you want to play

It's a gorgeous calendar, easily my favorite of the three we've done so far. Note, however, that there will not be as many sketch editions as there have been in past years. If you have your heart set on one, you should pencil something into your current calendar for November 11th

Will we have a Warehouse-Warming sale at the same time? We may. We're still waiting on the leather bucket seats from the broken metaphor. Watch this space.