Pre-order Your 2014 Calendar Today!

Pre-orders for the Schlock Mercenary 2014 Calendar are open!

Also, things are on sale!

I'm very happy with the way the calendar turned out. Travis did a bang-up job on the colors, and I some of my very best work on the composition and line art. The monthly calendar features Maxims 25 through 36 from The Seventy Maxims of Maximally Effective Mercenaries, and includes a fairly comprehensive set of holidays right on the monthly grid! 

(We provided a separate "enter your own holidays" list in years past, and many of you liked that, but far more of you expressed an interest in having the calendar be useful straight out of the box. We listened!)

But what's on sale? Lots of things! Of special note, however, are the MC1 bundles. When we moved into the warehouse we found exactly 90 of these 5-books-in-a-slip-case sets.We're clearing these out for just $85, but if you pre-order the 2014 calendar (bringing the total to $100) we'll add a Tagon's Toughs coin for free! 

Here are the store links:

We also have dice, magnets, coins, and more. Noodle around in the store and stack your cart! With flat-rate shipping it only makes sense.

A word to our international friends: shipping heavy paper products overseas continues to be oppressively priced. We're eating $10 of the $60 flat-rate package, so if you factor shipping into the bundled things, you can get all nine books, the calendar, and a coin for $215, which is just $10 more what you'd pay for them if I sold them to you in person at a convention. 

Digital-only ordering of the calendar will open in a couple of weeks. The wallpapers aren't ready yet, and we realize that when people buy digital things, they like instant gratification. Paper calendars will include a link to the PDF, and both the digital and the paper calendars will include links for the wallpapers.

Please note that I'm only doing 350 sketch editions of the 2014 calendar. My hand and brain need more time for other projects.

Thank you for your support! We look forward to shipping this handsome collection of art and aphorism to you during the week of November 22nd.