Call for Guest Artists: Update

I've gotten a lot of submissions -- so many, in fact, that I'm already having to create some form-letters for rejection. Don't let that discourage you. A rejection letter with a personal note on it (which is what I'm creating) is a badge of honor in this business. That said, if you're planning to submit stuff, here are some hard-and-fast rules: 1) No dialog, and no gags. I don't want guest strips. 2) Don't try to mimic my style -- especially don't try to mimic my early style. Stand out. Be different. 3) The absolute minimum picture size is 1200x1200 pixels. Smaller than that and I can't use it no matter how nice it is. I'm trying to process these as they come in, but they pile up and I end up doing them in batches. If you're waiting on a reply from me, I'll probably get back to you within 48 hours. Thanks for all your interest in this, everybody.